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Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a line of treatment suggested for patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease.

PD is a popular form of dialysis because it allows complete freedom of daily routine and life to the patient. Some Peritoneal Dialysis solution / equipment manufacturers in India make the home dialysis option easier by offering clinical services at home along with their solution and equipment.


Multichamber Dialysis Bag System


mCycler APD-II

Benefits of PD

No Infusion Pain

Ensures Long life of Peritoneum

Preserves membrane and immune cell function

Freedom of Travel

Peritoneal Dialysis Accessories

Mitra 4GYP

Mitra Clamp

Mitra Drain Bag 3Ltr

Mitra Drain Bag 15 Ltr

Mitra Transfer Set Cap

Mitra Transfer Set

Mitra Titanium Adapter

Want to Switch to Peritoneal Dialysis?

Experience the convenience of dialysis at home or at work and enjoy an undisturbed daily routine with Mitra's Peritoneal Dialysis System.