MIPL through their Blood Bank Equipments and Instruments are dedicated to ensure smooth operations and functions of a Blood Bank making a better world through innovative, reliable Blood Banking solutions, services and responsible approach to business.

MIPL provides complete solution to Blood Banks right from blood collection to Transfusion with 100% safety features.

MIPL provides equipments like

M-BCM (Blood Collection Monitor) for accurate collection of blood from donors. It is light in weight, and has the convenience of portability. It is easy to operate with clear visibility of display of messages during blood collection.

M-Seal is a light weight and compact dielectric tube sealer which gives hermetic seal for avoiding any contamination and haemolysis.

M-Stripper by MIPL is an ergometrically designed Stripper and cutter for squeezing and cutting the tubings filled with blood. It has complete stainless steel body to prevent rusting.

M-SP (Mitra Single Pan Balance) is micro-controller based systems which measure the accurate weight in ml/gm of the all blood products according to the specific gravity of the product.

M DP – (Mitra Double Pan) Balance is a micro controller based system which equally balances the blood bags after donation & before centrifugation for getting good quality of blood products.

MIPL also provides all types Blood Transfusion Filters M-1 to remove Leukocytes (WBC) from the blood components.