Mitra Blood Bag Filter
  1. MITRA- M1 is intended for the pre-storage leucodepletion.
  2. MITRA- M1 is intended for use by gravity at R.T. 20°C-24°C.

Flexible filter designed for centrifugation: the unique MITRA Soft flexible housing is the ideal material for in-line filtration, with no risk of damage to the bags:

    Single step sterilization of the complete system (bags and filter).
  1. Ease of use during processing.
  1. Log4:99.99% Leukodepletion.
  2. Optimal recovery: ≥90%
  3. Short filtration time: 18 - 20 minutes.
  4. Residual WBC: ≤5X106.
  5. 100% Closed System: Complete Sterility with elimination of Air vent and bypass Lines.
  6. Available in wide range of Mitra Blood Bag: