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About Us

MITRA is a reputed and established name in the Healthcare Industry in India involved in manufacturing and marketing of healthcare devices with several product patents in our name.

Our mission is to make next generation products and devices which provide high quality life care available and affordable for everyone. To achieve this vision we have set up our own state-of-art Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities. We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We are constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our customers, and do our best to ensure complete satisfaction and bring innovative technology products to the market at affordable costs.

Our strong focus in R & D has made us the world leaders in FIBRELESS ILLUMINATION LED-AT-TIP technology which puts an end to light-guide glass fibres in video endoscopes. By developing devices from the component level, MITRA is able to provide a wide range of technologies in a rapid development environment. Coupled with a focus on quality and speed to market, our solutions exceed market expectations for performance and value.

Mitra is the only company in India to manufacture:

• Peritoneal Dialysis Systems.

• Leukocyte Filters.

• Flexible Video Endoscopes

Our strong sales & service presence with offices & service points across the country enables us to meet global standards and offer quality, time bound services to all our customers.

Our high-quality products are available internationally in many countries in Asia, Europe and parts of African sub-continent.

Our Products

• Flexible Video Endoscopy Systems & Ancillaries (Ottomed Endoscopy).
• Self-Expanding Metallic Stents (SEMS).
• Peritoneal Dialysis Systems.
• Blood Bags and Blood Banking Systems.
• Leukocyte Filter Bags.
• Information Management Systems.
Nitin Mahajan - Mitra Industries

From the MD's Desk

Guiding Philosophy:

Keep it Simple.

Constant Innovation through Creative Destruction

Creating a new Dawn.

How do you see this vision panning out in the coming 5 years?

We have set ourselves certain goals, chief among which is make high quality life care products & services available and affordable for health care professionals and society at affordable cost. To create a meaningful presence which will enable participation in innovative development within our country.


Social Responsibility and Research & Development

Is this more of a mindset issue rather than the availability of resources?

We believe Social Responsibility is not just about donating money or about some local development project in and around your facilities.

While we have our CSR projects, we feel that developing advanced R&D facilities in our country is also a part of our Social Responsibility. India produces a huge number of Engineering, Science, Medical, etc. graduates every year. This offers massive opportunity to develop technical capabilities, cost efficiency and a highly scalable and low-cost workforce for the R&D facilities. So along with providing employment to a large number of people, we are also developing resources and technology in-country which frees us from being dependent on other countries for technology.

A strong R&D industry will also ensure improvement in education infrastructure as educational institutions will have to keep pace with the R&D Industry and offer the latest course curriculums.

Across the world, Indians are a large part of the R&D workforce. Why not provide them the same opportunities here at home.

What is your Vision of the future?

Our Vision is to make high quality life care products & services available and affordable for everyone. To have a world class R&D facility to help create those products for India and the world.

Our History

Meet the Dream Team

“Experience Peace of Mind” this is the driving force of MITRA, as we partner with future to create new value for our customer’s by providing solution & services”

Rajinder Raina

GM- Customer Support

Mr. Rajinder Raina is a 36-year veteran of the Healthcare Industry. He has been with Mitra for 26 years and heads the Customer Support vertical. He has developed and implemented robust processes and best practices to provide the best-in-class service support to all customers. He is also actively involved in development of our product lines by evaluating and providing customer feedback to our in-house R&D Teams.


E.P.K Michael

Advisory Support | Medical Technologist

Mr. Michael is a veteran of the Healthcare Industry with 44-years of experience. He has been with Mitra since 3 decades. He is actively involved in research on Mycobacterium Lepra and Human Immunodeficiency Virus and also in development of Transfusion Medicine, Peritoneal Dialysis products & Business operations, helping in developing the internal company CRM tools. His wealth of experience makes him the “Go-To” man for advice over a wide range of topics.


Atul Rishi

GM – International Business Operation

A 34-year veteran of the Healthcare Industry, Mr. Atul Rishi has been with Mitra for almost 2 decades now and heads the company’s International Business Operations. Mr. Rishi successfully launched the Peritoneal Dialysis across India and helped Mitra achieve the leadership position in the field in a very short period. He has also been instrumental in increasing the turnover multifold and expanding our international footprint across 22 countries. Mr. Rishi takes great interest in developing grass roots talent into tomorrow’s leaders and in innovating and adding new products to the product line.


Pritam Payal

National Manager – Sales & Service

Mr. Pritam Payal is a 30-year veteran of the Healthcare Industry and has been with Mitra for 30 years now. He is the National Manager for Sales and Service and leads a team of dedicated Service Engineers providing top-notch support for maximum customer satisfaction. He has successfully attended several technical / development training workshops & seminars from abroad. Mr. Payal & his team have conducted several Doctors, Nurses and Technician (DNT) training programs and Webinars on daily care and maintenance for “Endoscope Fitness”.



Jaideep Datta

GM – Institutional Business

Mr. Jaideep Datta is a 29-year veteran of the Healthcare Industry and has been with Mitra for 28 years now. Mr. Datta heads the Institutional Business in the organization and is responsible for Government and Tender business.

C.V. Singh

GM – Manufacturing

Mr. C. V. Singh leads our manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, supply chain and procurement teams. He has 25 years of experience in medical devices industry with highly skilled technical and managerial expertise. He holds a post graduate degree in Science. He played an important role in product development, establishing lean manufacturing processes and quality management systems. His major focus is always to acquire cutting edge automated technology to achieve best quality and safety at a competitive cost.

Vishal Mishra

BUH – Peritoneal Dialysis

Mr. Vishal Mishra has 18 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry and has been with Mitra for almost 7 years now. Starting as a DSM with Mitra, Vishal with his hard work and dedication has grown and now heads the Peritoneal Dialysis division in the company.

Nirdesh Mishra

H (NP – CS) (TT)

Mr. Nirdesh Mishra has 9 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry and is with Mitra since 2012. Nirdesh has strong communication, decision making and motivational skills, which help create a great work ethic and a positive environment in the organisation. He excels in prioritizing tasks to ensure team performance and is focused on best possible customer satisfaction.

Avinash Mishra

BUH – Transfusion Medicine

Mr. Avinash Mishra has 18+ years of experience in the Healthcare Industry and has been with Mitra for more than 3 years now. He heads the Transfusion Medicine division in the company.

Sinoj Antony


Mr. Sinoj Antony heads the Clinical Services in the Peritoneal Dialysis division and has been with Mitra for 12 years. He is a 20-year veteran of the Healthcare Industry and has deep insights and knowledge about Peritoneal Dialysis field. He has successfully published several articles and publications and has given oral presentations in International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) and Peritoneal Dialysis Society of India (PDSI).

Jesal A. Mehta

DGM – Digital Marketing

Mr. Jesal Mehta heads the Digital Marketing department of the company. He is actively involved in creating and designing all social media, digital and print promotional material and company websites.

Blood Bank Solutions certifications

Metallic Stents Certifications

Peritoneal Dialysis Certifications

We believe in Strong R&D,Customer satisfaction and Value creation

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