Blood Bank Equipment Companies in India

Leading Manufacturer of Blood Bags and Blood Bank equipment in India

We are Blood Bank Equipments manufacturer in Faridabad, Blood Collection Monitor Instrument manufacturer in India. When it comes to blood bank equipment Mitra Industries Pvt Ltd has the capacity to design all modern requirements for preserving blood and whole specific products. Mitra Blood Bank equipments are widely used in Blood donation camps, emergency wards, and government hospitals.

Mitra Industries provides complete solution for Blood Transfusion services. What Mitra offers:

Blood Collection Systems

Products and systems for use in the collection of blood and blood components for therapeutic applications.

Blood Filtration Products

Products for the filtration of leukocytes from red blood cells and platelet products.
• Leukocyte reduction filters for red cell products
• Leukocyte reduction filters for platelet products

Blood Bank Equipments

Products designed to assist the blood banker in the collection, preparation and storage of blood components.
Products for use in the transfusion of blood and blood components.

Blood Collection Monitor (m.BCM): mBCM-MINI is a microcontrolled based system which collects, monitors and mixes the blood with anticoagulant in the blood bag. The mBCM-MINI is light weight, and easy to operate and it is suitable for all types of bags.

Blood bag Tube sealer (M.Seal): M-Seal is a RF Tube sealer in a compact portable smart design, to seal the blood bag tubes by radio- frequency sealing technology. M-Seal-RF Tube sealer is a compact instrument to seal the blood bag tubes by radio frequency sealing technology.

Blood Double Pan Balance (m.DP): M-DP is a micro controller based system which equally balances the blood bags after donation & before centrifugation for getting good quality of blood products. M-DP is user friendly and easy to operate. It has been designed specifically for use of blood banks to rapidly and accurately balance the opposite buckets of centrifuge so as to minimize/eliminate vibration or any damage to the bag during centrifugation.

Blood Single Pan Balance (m.SP) : M-SP is a micro controller based system which measure the accurate weight in ml/gm of the all blood components according to the specific gravity of the component.

Blood Bag Stripper: M-Stripper is a device i.e. multi usable 3-in-1 device Tube Stripper/Roller, Cutter and Hand sealer.


Best Assured Quality Products

Products certified with ISO 9001:15000

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