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Mitra Products Blood Bags leukocyte filter bags endoscope IV bags

Leading Manufacturer of Blood Bag Systems, Leukocyte Filter Bags, Blood Bank Solutions, Peritoneal Dialysis Systems, Self-Expanding Metallic Stent (Non-Cardiac), IV Bag Solutions, and Endoscopy Systems & Ancillaries.

Leukocyte Filter Bags

quintuple tab leukocyte filter bags

Blood Bag Systems

Single Blood Bag CPDA

Blood Bank Solutions

automated blood components extractor
blood bank weighing scale
blood collection monitor

Peritoneal Dialysis Systems

tri choice chambers fluid bag peritoneal dialysis solutions
twin fluid bag peritoneal dialysis solutions
automated peritoneal dialysis machine


Metallic Stents (SEMs)

lams stent
partially covered stent for hepaticogastrostomy

Flexible IV Solution Bags

Flexible Saline Solution IV Bags For Intravenous Therapy

Endoscopy Systems

and Ancillaries

OTTOMED SmartEye-II Plus Video Endoscopy System Gastroenterology

Endoclinic - Medical Image Management Software

endoclinic endoscopy image records management software

Best Assured Quality Products - Certified with ISO 9001 : 15000

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