Peritoneal Dialysis at Home


Peritoneal Dialysis is an alternative form of dialysis therapy, in which patients do the dialysis themselves at home or at work. 

Peritoneal Dialysis therapy uses the Peritoneum as a natural filter. It has similar attributes to the artificial filter used in Hemodialysis. It’s pores allow the passage of certain substances while retaining others. A sterile dialysis solution is introduced at regular intervals into the peritoneal cavity through a permanent catheter. This solution absorbs waste products such as urea and creatine from the blood and remove excess water. After a time, this fluid is drained and replaced by fresh solution. 

Peritoneal Dialysis allows you to set your own daily schedule, travel at will and focus on what is most important to you. Simplify your life with Mitra’s Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions. We strive to make your life easy and joyful so that you can enjoy it’s benefits to the fullest.

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