MITRA is a reputed and established name in the Healthcare Industry in India. With several product patents in our name, we are the only manufacturer of Peritoneal Dialysis equipment in India. We have a strong sales, service and clinical support presence across the country and are committed to meet global standards and offer quality, time bound services to all our customers. Our high-quality products are available internationally in many countries in Asia, Europe and parts of African sub-continent.

Our Products:

  • mCycler APD-II (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis)
  • Tri – Choice (Manual exchange)
  • Twin Bags (Manual exchange)

Benefits of PD

No Infusion Pain

Ensures Long life of Peritoneum

Preserves membrane and immune cell function

Freedom of Travel

What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Learn more about Home Dialysis

Want to Switch to Peritoneal Dialysis?

Experience the convenience of dialysis at home or at work and enjoy an undisturbed daily routine with the Mitra's Peritoneal Dialysis System.

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