Transfer Bag System

Transfer Bags are used for preservation and transfusion of Whole Human Blood or its components.

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Top Features:

• DEHP plasticized PVC, collapsible, non-vented, sterile container complete with collecting tube in a         closed system.
• Sterile non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, non-hemolytic, bio-compatible material.
• Inner bag maintains the sterility.
• No risk of contamination & air embolism with all leak proof.
• Flexible, non-sticking, transparent, leak proof tubing having multiple printed & ID/Segment number.
• Polycarbonate sharp spike, tightly fixed with tube.
• Spike assembly & easily accessible external ports.
• Hot melt technology non-peel able, heat sealed label with transparent adhesive remarked attached   between room temperature 0 to -80 C.


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