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Automated Blood Components Extractor

automated blood components extractor for top and top and top and bottom blood bags

Mitra Automated Blood Components Extractor (m.Compo) for automatic blood components extraction from Top and Top and Top and Bottom Blood bags System of 350 ml & 450 ml. Contact for the best price.

Key Features -

• Microcontroller-based controlling system
• For automated blood components extraction from TAT and TAB bag sizes of 350 ml & 450 ml.
• Efficient sensor system ensures very precise level control to get maximum recovery of various blood components of required quality.
• Motor driven press mechanism with pressure control mechanism for smooth start of the separation process by keeping the component layer stable.
• Touchscreen display for process monitoring and controlling.
• Elaborated instruction display on touch screen for ease of operation.
• Provided with auto program for RBC & PPP separation, Platelet conc. Separation, PRP separation.
• Provided with automatic air removal from Plasma bag.
• Provided with two tube clamp with inbuilt RF tube sealer.
• Hanger pin provided for primary bag.

• Ergonomic & sturdy design.

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