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Peritoneal Dialysis Systems

Leading manufacturer of Peritoneal Dialysis Systems in India.

Our Mission : Give Freedom of movement and Peace of mind to Patients

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a line of treatment suggested for patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease.

PD is a popular form of dialysis because it allows complete freedom of daily routine and life to the patient. Some Peritoneal Dialysis solution / equipment manufacturers in India make the home dialysis option easier by offering clinical services at home along with their solution and equipment.


What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Learn more about Peritoneal Dialysis Procedure

Peritoneal Dialysis Manual Exchange - Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)

Mitra Peritoneal Dialysis systems allow CKD patients to continue having an undisturbed daily routine as the dialysis is done in the comfort of the patient's home. This also helps them avoid pandemic exposure. PD helps CKD patients to enjoy their freedom & enhance the quality of their life.

Benefits of Peritoneal Dialysis

  • No Infusion Pain

  • Ensures Long life of Peritoneum

  • Preserves membrane and immune cell function

  • Freedom of travel

benefits of peritoneal dialysis mitra

Peritoneal Dialysis Products

APD m.Cycler

: Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Machine

automated peritoneal dialysis machine mitra mcycler APD

Tri-Choice Bag

Tri-Choice Peritoneal dialysis solution bag

Twin Bag

Twin-bag peritoneal dialysis solution bag

Peritoneal Dialysis Accessories

Mitra 4GYP

Mitra Clamp

Mitra Drain Bag (3ltrs.)

Mitra Drain Bag (15ltrs.)

Mitra Transfer Set Cap

Mitra Transfer Set

Mitra Titanium Adapter

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Certifications for Mitra Peritoneal Dialysis Products

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Dr. Pavan Kumar Rao (MD, DM - Nephrology), H.O.D - Nephrology, Dialysis & Transplant Medicine, The Deccan Hospital

"I, Dr. Pavan Kumar Rao, Consultant Nephrologist, The Deccan Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, have been using MITRA APD Cycler machine since 3 years and I am fully satisfied with their system.
I have currently 5 patients on cycler and they are doing well"

Want to Switch to Home Dialysis?

Experience the convenience of dialysis at home and enjoy an undisturbed daily routine with Mitra Peritoneal Dialysis System.​ Reach out now!


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