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Blood Bank Solutions

Leading Manufacturer of Blood Bank Equipment in India

automated blood components extractor
Mitra Blood Collection Monitor
Mitra Double Pan Balance blood bank weighing scale
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Mitra Industries is a leading Indian manufacturer of Blood Bank Solutions. Our wide range of solutions include Blood Pan Balance, Blood Collection Monitor, Blood Bag Tube Sealer. Our products are widely appreciated for high durability and reliability and are designed to offer precise and accurate results.

Automated Blood Components Extractor (m.compo)


  • Microcontroller-based controlling system for automated blood components extraction from TAT and TAB bag sizes of 350 ml & 450 ml.

  • Efficient sensor system ensures very precise level control to get maximum recovery of various blood components of required quality.

  • Motor driven press mechanism with pressure control mechanism for smooth start of the separation process by keeping the component layer stable.

  • Touchscreen display for process monitoring and controlling.

  • Elaborate instruction display on touch screen for ease of operation separation.

  • Provided with auto program for RBC & PPP separation, Platelet conc. Separation, PRP.

Mitra Automated Blood Components Extractor m.compo

Mitra Blood Collection Monitor (m.BCM)

Mitra Blood Collection Monitor


  • In-built microprocessor.

  • Pre-selection of volume to be collected.

  • Magnetic clamp for easy cleaning.

  • Automatic storage and recall of set volume.

  • Continuous agitation of blood bag during collection at 12-16 RPM.

  • Automatic clamping at termination of pre-set volume collection.

  • Automatic release of clamp when bag is lifted.

  • Battery supported version available with 8 hours of battery back-up.

Mitra Blood Bags Tube Stripper (m.stripper)

Mitra Blood Bags tube Stripper


  • 3-in-1 device for Stripping, Cutting and Squeezing blood in tubing and sealing tubes with an Aluminium ring.

  • Completely stainless steel body ensures no rusting.

  • Spring powered handle to ensure uniform pressure while pressing to close and automatic recoiling of spring to release handle for opening.

  • Screw-less rollers to avoid loosening of the rollers.

  • Hot melt plastic coated handle covers ensure no space or gap is left in-between the handle arms and plastic covers.

  • Ergonomically designed handle for better gripping.

Mitra Blood Weighing Device - Single Pan Balance (m.SP)

Mitra Single Pan Balance blood bank weighing scale


  • In-built microprocessor.

  • Dual function indicates weight as well as volume.

  • Measures weight of blood components like RBC, plasma and platelet in ml/gm according to the specific gravity of the product.

  • No need to do any calculation.

  • Range of weight measurement 0-1200 gm.

Mitra Blood Weighing Device - Double Pan Balance (m.DP)

Mitra Double Pan Balance blood bank weighing scale


  • Light weight portable & compact design with heavy duty construction

  • LCD display for clear visibility of parameters, messages & warnings

  • Stainless steel pans with plain surface for easy cleaning purpose

  • Audio visual warning for weight over range

  • Audio visual alarm while weight tare

  • Accurate, simple and user friendly

High Quality products for safe and efficient Blood collection. Contact us to us to discuss prices and further details.

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