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Chief Medical Advisor (Renal Care)
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Dr. K S Nayak, MD, DNB, FRCP, FASN, FISN, FISOT is an internationally acclaimed nephrologist known for his path breaking work in clinical, medical, academic and research fields. He is a much sought after speaker in national and international conferences. His areas of professional interest include peritoneal dialysis (PD), renal transplant and renal nutrition and the innovative use of technology among others.

Dr. Nayak’s centre was the first training centre in South Asia to be recognized by the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) for its prestigious Fellowship Programme. In addition, he is the Mentor for the post-doctoral PD Fellowship of the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN). He has trained nephrologists and PD nurses from all over the world on the latest techniques of PD therapy for more than two decades. Dr. Nayak has also been closely associated with the shaping of global practice guidelines. He is seen as the global pioneer of remote patient monitoring and emergent start peritoneal dialysis. He has several publications to his credit including publications on ‘home visit’ of PD patients, KPI based PD unit improvisations, Emergent Start PD adoption etc. They have received worldwide acceptance and have been included in ISPD and KDIGO Guidelines, and his work has been applauded by the prestigious Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Dr. Nayak's contributions to Renal & Organ Transplantation are equally impressive. He has pioneered techniques such as single dose equine ATG induction and simultaneous heart and kidney transplantation. His influence extends beyond borders, with global recognition for his contributions to translational studies, notably the feasibility of Allo-Hemodialysis.

Dr. Nayak has held several international leadership positions including the President of the International Society of Blood Purification, and Chair of the Communications and Media Committee for the International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis, Member: Dialysis Working Group- International Society of Nephrology, Invited Participant: Home Dialysis- Conclusions from KDIGO Controversies Conference 2023. Dr. Nayak has been on the editorial board of several internationally recognized medical journals like Peritoneal Dialysis International (PDI), the Official Journal of International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis, Blood Purification, the Official Journal of International Society of Blood Purification, American Journal of Nephrology (AJN), Journal Of Renal Nutrition (JREN), the official Journal of International Society of Renal Nutrition & Metabolism etc.

He was awarded the prestigious 'Life Time Achievement Award' by the (PD)Society of India, the 'Guru Dronacharya Award' by the AVATAR Foundation. Dr. Nayak delivered the prestigious ‘Georgi Abraham Oration’ at the 10th APC-ISPD 2023, New Delhi, September 2023.

Dr. K S Nayak’s contributions to medical and clinical excellence, innovation and its global impact, and unflinching commitment to patient care, establish him as a true leader in nephrology who is driving better outcomes in healthcare worldwide.

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