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Entral Stents

Leading Manufacturer of Blood Bag Systems

Pyloric stent
HONTO Covered Colonic Stent

Indicated for the use in palliative treatment of gastroduodenal obstructions/colonic strictures produced by malignant neoplasms.

Uncovered Pyloric Stent

uncovered Pyloric stent

Uncovered Colonic Stent

HONTO Covered Colonic Stent

Other ranges of self-expandable metallic stents

Esophageal Stents

BRAVO Esophageal Stent with ani reflux valve

EUS Guided Stents

Lams Stent

Pulmonary Stents

y stent

Biliary Stents

biliary stents
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Entral stents that you can trust!

With Mitra Self Expanding Metallic Stents avoid stent fracture and improve overall stenting performance.

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