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The Program

Welcome to the Mitra Corporate Graduate Programme — Your Gateway to a Thriving Future in Healthcare Innovation!

Our Corporate Graduate Programme is designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders and innovators in the dynamic realm of medical devices. At Mitra, we firmly believe in investing in talent, nurturing fresh perspectives, and fostering growth for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. This programme is a unique opportunity for young professionals like you to immerse yourself in an environment of cutting-edge technology, relentless innovation, and transformative solutions that impact lives across the globe.


Throughout this comprehensive programme, you will undergo a structured and intensive learning experience. You'll be exposed to various facets of our business, gaining insights into research and development, product design, manufacturing processes, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, marketing strategies, and more. You'll collaborate closely with experienced professionals, absorb their knowledge, and work on real-world projects that contribute to the advancement of medical science and the enhancement of patient care.


We understand the importance of personal and professional growth, and our programme is tailored to ensure you're not just an employee but a valued member of our family. You'll receive mentorship from senior leaders, participate in training sessions, attend workshops, and engage in cross-functional activities that broaden your horizons. Your ideas and contributions will be respected and appreciated, making your journey with us rewarding and fulfilling.

By the end of this programme, you'll have the opportunity to secure a meaningful position within our organisation based on your performance and alignment with our values and goals. We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, as together we revolutionize the healthcare landscape and create a healthier, happier world.


  1. Sales: Exposure to 4 different Lines of Business which acts as a great launchpad for your career in the medical devices sales industry.

  2. Clinical: Exposure to the Peritoneal Dialysis Clinical Care division providing much needed support and care to Patients on Mitra Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy.

  3. Services: Exposure to the Equipment Services Division providing stellar repairs & maintenance services to all devices manufactured by Mitra.

  4. Marketing: Exposure to offline & online marketing.

  5. Admin: Exposure to multiple departments (IT, HR, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.) of the company through job rotations, leading to holistic development curated towards managerial roles.

Role assignment will be as per candidate's strengths and interests.

Programme Benefits:

  1. Potential to be promoted to a management role on completion of programme. 

  2. Being an active contributor to the wellbeing of the masses through products that enable sustainable lifecare.

  3. Opportunity to contribute to "Make in India" through one of the most prestigious names in the Indian medical devices industry.

  4. Outcomes after working in each division - skills developed. Performance in each rotation will be evaluated and roles will be assigned as per the performance scores + candidate's area of interest.

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