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Evolution of Blood Collection Systems

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Blood tests play a key role in diagnosing various diseases. Collecting blood samples is a frequently used method to diagnose and monitor diseases, and thanks to blood tests, long and sometimes painful examinations can often be avoided. Blood condition says a lot about the patient’s overall health condition and reveals more specific diseases and conditions.

Blood collection systems have come a long way – from collection of blood in Bottles to Bio-medical plastic Bags, to separation of blood in various components and its usage. Traditional blood collecting systems have always been difficult and imprecise.

Thanks to the rapid development in technology, today medical facilities and hospitals have multiple choices of blood collection systems. This evolution has translated to benefits to everyone in the value chain.

The transition from Bottles to Bio-medical plastic Bags meant less chance of breakage, easier storage and transportation. The transition from Single Bags to Double, Triple, Quad, Quintuple, means the same blood is now separated into various blood components for specific requirements and, thus caters to more number of needy patients.

  1. Whole blood can be separated into 3 blood components – Red Blood Cells (RBC), Platelets and Plasma.

  2. The separation of whole blood into blood components, increases the shelf life of each component.

  3. Component separation allows transfusion of only specific desired component to the patient.

  4. By using the specific desired blood component, several patients can be treated with blood received from one donor.

  5. Transfusion of only specific component of blood avoids the unnecessary use of whole blood.

Technology has taken a great leap with the arrival of Leukofilter Bags. These bags make the blood safer with leukodepletion which is the need of the hour. The increase in the cost of blood collection using Leukofilter Bags is offset by Leukodepleted PRBC which can be used in different patients as per need.

Leukodepleted PRBC collected using Leukofilter Bags makes blood safer by preventing Febrile Non-Haemolytic Transfusion Reactions in patients requiring blood transfusions and helping avoid / decrease costs of hospitalisation due to FNHTRs. In several countries across the globe and many hospitals in our own country, only Leukodepleted blood is used for Patient safety.

Mitra Industries is one of the leading Blood Bag systems manufacturers in India.

A few advantages of Mitra Blood Collection Systems

  1. Ribbed Safety Hub provides excellent Traction control at the time of insertion with anti-skid groves offering better grip & control over needle during venipuncture.

  2. Needle Stick Protection Device reduces the risk of needle stick injury by providing immediate shielding of needle after withdrawal.

  3. Winged Needle Covers are tamper-evident and easy to remove, enhancing confidence and efficiency while maintaining needle high performance.

  4. Pre-Donation Sampling Bag diverts and collects the initial quantity of blood collected which tends to contain contaminants from environment, bacteria, etc. from site of vein puncture into the pre-donation sampling bag.

  5. Mitra’s Filter Bags ensure 99.99% Leukodepletion.

Product Lines:

Blood Bags: Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Double SAG-M, Quadruple TAB, Penta (Quintuple), Transfer Bag, Lab side filter, Bed side filter and ACD bag. 

Filter Bags: Quintuple TAB Inline Filter, Quadruple TIB with Filter, Quadruple TAT inline Filter, LABSIDE & BEDSIDE Filter Bags, Triple TAB Filter Bag.

Equipment: Blood Collection Monitor, RF Tube Sealer, Stripper, Single Pan Balance, Double Pan Balance, Automatic Component Extractor (mCompo) and Handy Sealer.

Nothing is more precious than human life and blood is the lifeline of human life.

Donate Blood, Save Lives.

Mitra Blood Collection systems help you reduce variations and risks and eliminate bottlenecks of collecting blood while ensuring that the entire process of blood collection and handling is standardised, safe and reliable.

Our cutting edge healthcare devices & innovative technologies empower Doctors to increase efficiency in detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of medical conditions. Our state-of-the-art Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities adhere to the strictest global standards & compliances in terms of quality and manufacturing processes.

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