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Hand Hygiene in Peritoneal Dialysis


Peritoneal dialysis is a home dialysis treatment option that helps in treating Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients.

In this form of treatment, a special lining of the patient’s abdomen known as the peritoneum; naturally filters and removes all the wastes and toxins from blood. The treatment assures the patient’s comfort for easy procedure conduction at home and doesn’t involve needles or any blood involvement as in the case of hemodialysis.

For the patient to conduct PD at home safely, proper training and guidance by a PD Nurse/Clinical Manager is a must. The training is simple and easy and can be completed within one or two weeks.

While learning the procedure, the patients must always follow the step-by-step procedure for safety. 

One of the most important things the patient is taught is the handwashing technique. It is a requisite to successfully PD procedure at home. Although handwashing seems to be a simple and easy task, 90% of the patients overlook it and risk their bodies with exposure to several infections and bacterial diseases.

The major reason behind many PD patients transferring to an alternative modality is only the bacterial infection peritonitis associated with it, which can easily be avoided by proper hand washing resulting in exponential progress during PD exchange.

Studies show that 50% of the people who start proper handwashing practices have experienced great results within a few months of PD dialysis. 

Only negligence towards proper handwashing techniques causes patients to suffer from peritonitis. Most patients on PD have safely carried out their PD exchange procedure just by adhering to the safety norms. Hence, be sterile for each moment and strengthen your safety to avoid infections.

When to wash your hands during peritoneal dialysis?

It is important to be aware of when to wash your hands is required for a successful PD exchange.

Always wash your hands –

· after you put on your mask. 

· before you gather your PD supplies. 

· each time you touch any surface containing dirt. 

· anytime you scratch your body or rub your eyes, nose, or hair.

· before you perform your exit-site care and catheter dressing change.

· before the Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) Cycler setup. 

· before you start your PD treatment. 

· before opening the transfer set and the PD bag connector.

After washing your hands, if you touch something that is not a part of the PD accessories, sanitize or re-wash your hands because when it comes to PD, it is better to be safe than infected.

Cleaning vs Sterilisation

· Clean – means having as few germs as possible. 

· Sterile – means to have a 100% germ-free area.

When we wash our hands properly, they become clean but not sterile.

During PD treatments/exchange process, the caretaker or the patient cleans but doesn’t sterile their hands while touching the PD products. The hands are considered sterile only when the areas or items are 100% free of germs.

Your exit site must always remain clean. Along with adhering to proper handwashing techniques, practicing a series of aseptic techniques prevents germs from entering the peritoneal cavity.

Proper handwashing habits can help safeguard your health during peritoneal dialysis. Moreover, with COVID-19, hand hygiene can become an additional barrier and prevent the spread of infections and save a lot of lives.

How to Wash Your Hands for Peritoneal Dialysis – 

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