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Quintuple (Penta) Blood Bag (Top and Bottom) System with Inline Leukodepletion Filter

Quintuple Blood Bag Penta CPD SAGM with PDS and NPD Inline RC Leukodepletion filter TAB

Top & Bottom Blood Bags with Integral Filter are used for collection,
preservation and transfusion of Leukodepleted Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)
Platelets (PLT), Plasma (FFP).


1. Temper evident needle protection cap
2. Blood taking needle
3. Needle Hub
4. Needle Protection Device
5. PVC Tube
6. Y Connector
7. Clamp
8. PDS bag
9. Luer Adater
10. External port
11. Means of closer
12. Side Slit
13. Label
14. Bottom Slit
15. Leukodepletion Filter
16. U Connector

Technical Specifications

• Top & Bottom Blood Bag 350 / 450 / 500 ml, containing of 49 / 63 / 70 ml of CPD anticoagulant solution and SAG-M as preservative solution 78 / 100 / 111 ml.
• DEHP plasticized PVC, collapsible, non-vented, sterile container complete with collecting tube in a closed system.
• Sterile non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, non-hemolytic, bio-compatible material.
• Inner bag maintains the sterility.
• No risk of contamination & air embolism with all leak proof.
• Slits on the both side to accommodate 5-10 ml volume test tube & at the bottom of bag to hang the blood bag during transfusion.
• Flexible, non-sticking, transparent, leak proof tubing having multiple printed & ID/Segment number.
• 16 G ultra thin walled, needle triple bevel design, sharp, rust proof, tightly fixed with hub & tamper proof needle cover.
• Tamper proof & easily accessible external port.
• Hot melt technology non-peel able, heat sealed label with transparent adhesive remarked attached between room temperature to 0 -80 C.
• 3 years shelf life from the date of manufacturing.
• Maintain biochemical parameters of PRBC up to 35 days of storage in plain, 42 days in SAG-M, 5 day in TOTM bag platelets (PLT) and plasma (FFP) up to 1 year, cryoprecipitate up to 1 year and granulocyte concentrates up to 1 day.
• Blood bags meet all the standards as laid down in ISO 3826.

Know more about how  leukodepleted blood in transfusion prevent infections, enhance patient safety, improve outcomes, and quality of life -

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